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Suzuki's Taiso

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Meridian Stretching

A man in the park, exercising, standing in a pose

Takeo Suzuki was a Shiatsu teacher and practitioner and worked with Shizuto Masunaga, who developed what would later be called Zen Shiatsu. Takeo Suzuki's contribution to the world of Shiatsu is worth noting, even for the shared fact that my tutors trained and qualified under Suzuki Sensei at the IOKAI centre in Tokyo.

Taiso is a Japanese word that translates as 'exercise', a practise to help harmonise the mind, body, and spirit. Takeo Suzuki's taiso is a meridian stretching exercise that I learned while studying Zen Shiatsu. It is also used to develop sensitivity and awareness. This was taught alongside another taiso called Makko-Ho, which is well known and used by the majority of Shiatsu practitioners. The main difference with Suzuki's taiso compared with the Makko-Ho is that the focus is on one meridian in each set of the sequence, allowing you to observe its path. The Makko-Ho stretches two meridians in each set of the sequence. While doing these exercises, the classical and Masunaga's extended meridians are being stretched and opened. You can do each set a few times or hold a pose for a longer period of time. Both the Makko-Ho and Suzuki's taiso are beneficial.

Suzuki's Taiso


Thank you to Joel Reeves, for making this video

Zen Shiatsu helps to support
and regulate your system.
While working with the physical,
It is helping the psycho-emotional
While working on the flow,
It is helping to restore
Zen Shiatsu has a holistic approach.
To maintaining your wellbeing.
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