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Pain Management

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

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There are so many different ways that pain adds complications to our lives. It can diminish the quality of our sleep, limit our mobility, and contribute to our stress levels.

In the ancient Eastern medical system, homeostasis is attained when there is smooth movement of Qi and Blood throughout our bodies. This is why it is considered that a good combination of diet, exercise, and a meditative practise with regular visits to a practitioner can help to reach and maintain homeostasis.

Four Gates

In acupuncture and Shiatsu, the classical meridians used are the same in both practises, with some additional differences in Zen Shiatsu. Along these classic meridians, there are acupoints, plus extra points on the body that are not on these meridians. Each acupoint is known to be useful for certain conditions, but depending on the issue, a combination of these points can be more beneficial.

There is a point combination that is well known for pain management called the Four Gates. This uses Liver 3 (LV-3) and Large Intestine 4 (LI-4), to help alleviate discomfort. Because of where these points are, they can be pressed simultaneously on your own, but it may not be the most relaxing position. It would be more effective when integrated into a full acupuncture or Shiatsu treatment.

  • L V-3 - Enables the smooth transportation of Qi and Blood. It is a powerful point to help the channel, and the Liver organ.

  • L I-4 - Abundance of Qi and Blood in the Yangming channel.


LI.-4 not to be used if pregnant.

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