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A Seed of Good Health

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Stretching Gallbladder Channel

I remember hearing some time ago that "In illness there is a seed of good health".

These few words hold so much truth. In a moment, I will share with you why this is similar to aspects of a Zen Shiatsu treatment.

Let's first take a look at the common cold. Up until recently, Western medicine's approach to combating the common cold would have been to fight the virus head-on. This fight is getting harder because of multiple strains of the cold virus that now exist. Currently, there is research taking place at Imperial College London, led by Professor Ed Tate, to adapt healthy cells in humans so the virus will be unable to multiply within the body. Here is the link to a 2018 article on the Imperial College London website:

When there is an imbalance in your system, supporting the healthy part can have a wonderful impact on your wellbeing. This could be on a cellular, emotional, or psychological level. If we aim to nurture that seed of good health to stop or fight that pervasive illness, a change could take place.

You may have come across the following mentioned in relation to Zen Shiatsu and other holistic practises: This therapy assists your body to heal itself. It is from the understanding that your whole being is interconnected, and when we tend to the root, the branch will benefit. Bringing your body back to a desired state is done over time through different means, all depending on the cause and severity of the headaches, neck and back pain, insomnia, irritability, or digestive issues. By working with the implicit (Kyo) as well as the explicit (Jitsu), harmony is regained.

Kyo and Jitsu

In Zen Shiatsu, the palpation used for diagnosing and giving treatments is in search of the Kyo and Jitsu. Kyo translates as emptiness, and Jitsu as fullness. Here is a basic overview of the theory.

The Jitsu could be related to your primary complaint, like sleep issues or physical discomfort, they also could be a manifestation of the Kyo.

A Zen Shiatsu session would aim to ease tension, reduce pain, or calm the nervous system by working with the Kyo, which is similar to nurturing that seed of good health.

A Seed of Bad Health

If in illness there is a seed of good health, it must also be true that in good health there is a seed of bad health. We are generally aware of this, so we do our best to stave off any illness by maintaining a good, healthy lifestyle through food and drink, exercise, meditation, yoga, and Shiatsu.

There is no sure answer for a long life, but for quality of life, exercise and bodywork therapies to help your lymphatic system clear toxins, keeping your body supple, increase the production of red and white blood cells in your body, and human interaction for your mind and spirit, these would be a few of my top tips for looking after your vitality.

Zen Shiatsu helps to support and regulate your system.
While working with the physical, It is also helping the psycho-emotional.
While working on the flow, It is also helping to restore
Zen Shiatsu has a holistic approach to maintaining your wellbeing.

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