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Scapula Release

A wonderful aspect of Zen Shiatsu is that it is versatile in assisting your body to be restored on a physical, psychological, and emotional level.

In modern life, it is fairly common to experience the symptoms of stress, fatigue, or sleep issues. Shiatsu massage is a very helpful, non-intrusive treatment to help turn these issues around.​


This bodywork therapy is suitable for all ages and each treatment is tailored to your needs. Shiatsu encourages relaxation to harmonise your mind and body, so your comfort throughout the session is very important.

When your body is working in harmony, your digestion, sleep, and general outlook greatly improve.

 Zen Shiatsu Treatments

Shiatsu is a Japanese holistic treatment. It uses various techniques to work with your meridians, these are the energy channels in your body. Along those pathways there are acupoints, which are stimulated with finger pressure, no needles are used.


Traditionally, Shiatsu treatments are done on a futon mattress laid on the floor with you fully dressed in flexible clothing to benefit from the treatment. Gentle joint manipulation and passive stretches are used to relax your muscles. The treatments make you more aware of your body, and leaves you feeling tranquil.

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"Adrian has a magic touch when it comes to Shiatsu. He managed to release tension in joints and muscles that I never imagined possible. He works in a very clean and welcoming environment and I always leave feeling super relaxed."

Marisa, London

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