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Adrian Cox
27 Aug 2021
A Look At One Theory

There are so many different ways, that pain adds complications to our lives. It can diminish the quality of our sleep, limit our mobility and contribute to our stress levels.


In the ancient systems of Chinese/Japanese medicine, homeostasis - this is when there is a balance in our bodies, that we feel fit and healthy,  is attained when there is smooth movement of qi and blood throughout our bodies. This is why it's considered that a good combination of diet, exercise, a meditative practice and regular visits to a practitioner can help to reach and maintain homeostasis. This is not easy with an ongoing issue, so pain management, through the use of 'The Four Gates' can help. 



In acupuncture and shiatsu, the classical meridians used are the same in both practises, with some additional differences in Zen Shiatsu, which I will talk about another time.

Along these classic meridians there are acupoints, plus extra points on the body that are not on these meridians. Each acupoint is known to be useful In certain areas, but they can be more beneficial in combination with other points.


There is one combination that is highly thought of for pain management anywhere in the body, which is Liver 3 (LV-3) and Large Intestine 4 (LI-4), this is called ‘The Four Gates’. 

Because of where these points are, they can be pressed simultaneously on your own, but it might not be the most relaxing position. It would also be more effective integrated into a full treatment.

  • LV -3 - Enables the smooth transportation of Qi and Blood. It is a powerful point to help the channel, and the Liver organ (zang). 








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  • LI -4 - Is on the hand Yangming (extreme brightness). Here is an abundance of Qi and Blood.



LI.-4 not to be used if pregnant.

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