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Adrian Cox
13 Nov 2021
Vitality of Life

At the beginning of a session, if it is necessary, I would guide the client through a simple breathing exercise. Not only does this help to engage the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) it also brings awareness to the mind and body, because a slight disconnect can happen in our daily lives.

As each breath represents a short completion in time, that connects us with the here and now, we can appreciate those moments and respond in a healthy way, like being able to let go of what doesn't benefit us.

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Our boundaries are blurred as we're expected to do more, we are performing in a higher gear for longer than we should, this can drain our essence and disrupt the flow of Ki (Qi). If we are able to balance it with nutrition, calming activities like meditation and therapeutic practices like Shiatsu, this will help to maintain our wellbeing and avoid BURNOUT.

Deficient Lung Ki can result in shortness of breath, coughs, colds, sore throat etc. If this deficiency carries into the winter, it can harm the ability to store Lung Ki, making the condition worse or weakening our chances of protection (Wei Qi) in the winter.

The Lungs are associated with the gut in TCM, so to help strengthen the Lung Ki Breathing exercises and supporting the digestive system with some tips that I wrote in a piece about the Spleen last month (The Spleen - Late summer).  

The summer's Yang energy, the consuming of cooler foods and having those long days of activities, are behind us. The nature of Autumn has a drawing in, slowing down, in a declining state, becoming Yang within Yin.

We'll take in more warming food and drinks to nourish our Yang energy in preparation for winter, to sustain us through. 

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The lungs are crucial to our vitality in many ways. It takes in 'Natural air Ki' which contributes to so much of our biological and emotional system.

As you know, oxygen is delivered to tissues throughout our body via red blood cells, this happens with the coordination of our vital organs controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) that keeps us functioning. It's the building blocks derived from food that help in the transportation of oxygen through our bodies. 

Long before modern science, TCM knew that the combination of Natural air Ki with Nutritive Ki (food) goes towards the production and the transportation of blood. The Lung meridian in the classical diagram begins in the stomach and descends to the Yang pairing of Lung which is Large Intestine. This shows the direct connection with Nutritive Ki and Natural air Ki. 

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An imbalance anywhere in our impressive system can affect our physical wellbeing  which then can impact on our emotional state or vice versa.

Shiatsu/TCM does not see a separation between body, mind, spirit and emotions, this is why there is a holistic approach to treatments.

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