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Adrian Cox
22 Aug 2021
The OverLooked Part of The Main Issue

It is not always the obvious that shows where the problem starts and ends.Where we feel it physically could be a manifestation of something emotional or/and an environmental pathogen. We are effected by our environment, this includes each other.

Lets take for example how the climate can interact with some people. You may of heard someone say, "I can tell when it's gonna rain, my joints hurt", or "I only get cluster headaches at a particular season", "my skin get red itchy blotches when it's hot/cold weather".

Here we can see how the barometric pressure has a direct connection with our bodies.


What about closer to home? What about our emotions, our minds effect on our bodies?

Some people can have the sensation of insects crawling on their necks, just from someone talking about insects. We have the ability of producing ulcers and cold sores when stressed, or the change of our body temperature when something happens.

Here is the psychological part of us, affecting the physical.

Even these two examples, of the environment and the psychological connection to our bodies, is a slightly myopic view. The Chinese concept of interaction spans out even further. 

Wu Ji (nothing), Yu Ji (something), Universal Qi, Celestial Qi, Heaven & Earth Qi, Us.

I will explain in short, without going into the concept of Qi, which can be a topic on its own.

  • Wu Ji (nothing) - This is usually represented by an empty cycle. You could look at as the precursor of the big bang, that spontaneous movement at the start of a QI Gong exercise. 


  • Yu Ji (something) - This is the unknown, the essence which is hard to comprehend, and influences Universal Qi. We are the frog in the well (The Floods of Autumn - Zhuangzi)


  • Universal Qi - The energy that is so vast, it envelopes and effects Celestial Qi.

  • Celestial Qi - The movement of the solar systems, planets, gravitational pulls and pushes affecting Heaven and Earth.


  • Heaven & Earth Qi - How the stars, weather and organic life has its own influence on us.


  • Us - We are effected by all of this and we affect all things.

"We must reckon that what men know is not so much as what they do not know, and that the time since they were born is not so long as that which elapsed before they were born. When they take that which is most small and try to fill with it the dimensions of what is most great, this leads to error and confusion, and they cannot attain their end. Looking at the subject in this way, how can you know that the point of a hair is sufficient to determine the minuteness of what is most small, or that heaven and earth are sufficient to complete the dimensions of What is most large?"

    - Flood of Autumn by Zhuangzi - Translated by James Legge

This is why in Zen Shiatsu and TCM there is a search for the root, the possible imbalance that underpins the main complaint, physical, emotional or psychological. It is not aways in plain view.

Masunaga's term for that subtle influence in Zen Shiatsu therapy is Kyo.

On the day of a treatment, the discussion is primarily about how the person is when they arrive to the session, the back pain or a digestive issue will be the focus in the treatment, as well as the Kyo. 

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