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Until March 1st

The aim for me as a Shiatsu therapist, is to help you attain a level of change that will give you a better quality of life. Change can happen at different rates, for different conditions, it will also depend on how long you have had this particular issue. I would recommend 1 session a week for 2-3 weeks, and review the progress after each treatment, then we can decide if more will be needed or if the condition has resolved. 

By selecting Zen Shiatsu - Set of 4, you will have the pleasure of:

One 90 minute and three 60 minute sessions until March 1st, then it will return to four 60 minute sessions.

The reason for choosing a set of four, is to allow your body time to engage with the process, increasing the opportunity for the healing to take place.

For new clients the 90 minute session will include a free consultation, which can be 15-30mins. 

For returning clients you will receive a full 90 minute treatment.

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Which to Choose?

This 90min session includes a consultation, it takes around 20-30mins.

I recommend this for your first visit, it helps to inform the practitioner before the treatment.

Once you have had a 90min session, the following sessions are 60mins. 

You can have this without consultation.

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Until March 1st you'll receive an extra FREE 30 minutes, this means:

One 90 minute and three 60 minute sessions.

It will return to four 60 minute sessions after March 1st.

Once purchased, this will be valid for 3 months.

Contact me for more information.

You will have the benefit of ten 60 minute Zen Shiatsu treatments, to assist your healing.

Once purchased, this will be valid for 8 months.

These sessions are for anyone who would like a short treatment.

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